Our Team

Mr. Jean-Francois Leprince, interim CEO

Mr. Leprince is acting as GLPharma’s interim CEO in addition to his current position of Managing Partner at CTI Life Sciences Fund. Previously, Mr. Leprince was the President and CEO of Aventis Pharma Canada and before served in several management positions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and France with Marion Merrell Dow, the pharmaceutical subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company as well as with Hoechst Marion Roussel the pharmaceutical subsidiary of the Hoechst Group.

Mr. Leprince has over 30 years of experience with large pharmaceutical and has first-hand knowledge of overseeing the largest R&D spend of any of the multinational pharmaceutical companies operating in Canada. Mr. Leprince brings valuable practical experience on the operational perspectives of overseeing new products from development to market.

Mr.Leprince serves also as a board member of IRICoR (Center of Commercialization and Excellence of IRIC/Université de Montréal) as well as Allergen (Networks of Centers of Excellence).

Violetta Dimitriadou, Ph.D., Senior Project Director

Dr. Dimitriadou joined GLPharma in February 2013 and she is responsible for overseeing the preclinical development program of FE203799 and prepare for the clinical trials. Previously, she worked as an Associate Professor of Pharmacy at the University René Descartes (Paris, France) involved in fundamental research and teaching. For the last 15 years Dr. Dimitriadou specialized in preclinical drug development working for various Canadian biotechnology companies where she was in charge of R&D and Preclinical development programs of new chemical entities. She has as well a large expertise working with CROs and overseeing large groups of scientists and technicians as she held for 5 years the position of Technical Director at a preclinical CRO specialized in Toxicology.

Dr. Dimitriadou holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience obtained in the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris, France) and 2 years as a post-doc at Tufts University (Boston, MA) in the Department of Neuropharmacology. In addition she is associated with more than 100 scientific publications and presentations.

Micheline Beauvais, CPA, CGA MBA, Finance Director

From the banking industry to CFO of Locus Dialogue Inc. she has been working as part-time CFO since 2002 for small Venture-Backed technology start-up companies, ranging from biotechs to internet ventures. As Certified General Accountant, she successfully completed her Executive MBA at Concordia University in Montreal.